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Custom Blended Vitamin B Shots

B Vitamin Shot Happy Hour Schedule
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custom-blended Vitamin B
Dr. Murphy offers a wide range of custom-blended Vitamin B injections depending on your needs.
B vitamin shots can increase your energy level, supercharge a weak constitution, and boost your metabolism and immune system.
These shots can decrease inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or allergies, help with PMS or menopause symptoms, relieve fatigue, calm anxiety, enhance sleep, ease migraines, alleviate nerve pain, and reduce stress.

A B12 injection is a quick and painless procedure that will usually alleviate your symptoms the very same day it is administered. If certain other B vitamins are added to your injection, they may cause a stinging sensation on insertion that is very temporary. Most patients find that the benefits of how much better they feel afterwards is well worth the procedure.
  • "Dr. Murphy has flawless technique!"
    - Carl Gettleman Retired Gadfly
  • "Health is very important to me. I have been in the fitness industry my whole life and have a mostly vegan diet. After starting a weekly regimen of Dr. Sarah's special B shots, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my energy and overall well-being. Dr. Murphy is also my go-to gal when I have questions about natural treatments and products."
    - Lonnie Weinstock-Galate Owner of Malibu Fitness