Dr. Sarah Murphy, N.D.,L.Ac.


Dr. Sarah has been wonderful! I like her approach to finding solutions to my health issues. Her office is warm and inviting, and I have been recommending her to friends.
Robert Kane Santa Monica Resident

Dr. Sarah is great at what she does. I feel instantly better and healthier too.
Chris Frost Reserve Firefighter/ Ultra Marathoner

I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Murphy. Her IV nutrition drips have kept me feeling healthy and strong, even during stressful times.
Cindy Landon (Business Woman/Activist)

I have been working with Dr. Sarah Murphy for over a year. She is a kind and understanding doctor and acupuncturist. I came to Dr. Murphy with a bone marrow/blood disease, food allergies, and near crippling anxiety. Dr. Murphy gently guided me and was always there to answer all of my many questions and concerns. Dr. Murphy has treated me with a combination of supplements, homeopathics, herbs, acupuncture, energy healing, nutrition, and spiritual advice. A year later, my blood counts are the best they have been in 7 years and my food allergies and anxiety have greatly improved. Dr. Murphy understands that people are different and does not give one cookie cutter approach for all her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Murphy.
Sara M

Health is very important to me. I have been in the fitness industry my whole life and have a mostly vegan diet. After starting a weekly regimen of Dr. Sarah's special B shots, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my energy and overall well-being. Dr. Murphy is also my go-to gal when I have questions about natural treatments and products.
Lonnie Weinstock-Galate (Owner of Malibu Fitness)

Dr. Sarah's IV therapies have greatly helped me recover and stay balanced even during my toughest weeks. Working with her has pushed me in the right direction in both my racing life and other daily needs. If you want to work with the best, go see Dr. Sarah.
Hunter McIntyre (Spartan Race Champion)

I had never tried naturopathic medicine before.  I didn't know what to expect. I was having severe mental and physical issues that were causing me to have a multitude of issues.  My primary care physician started to prescribe pills that had side effects, which I didn't like.  I decided to give naturopathic medicine a try and I couldn't be happier. After my first visit with Dr. Murphy, I knew I had finally found the right doctor.  She has a vast knowledge on the human body and was able to get me on the right track for my health.   During the first visit Dr. Murphy listened to my problems, assessed the situation, and made a "battle plan" to get rid of my issues once and for all.  After a few months of diligently following her instructions, the illness that plagued me is no more.  With all of the tools of natural medicine at her disposal, from natural supplements to acupuncture, I would highly recommend visiting her for your ailments.  Dr. Murphy will take the time to listen to you and figure out a solution.
Marc S

Dr. Sarah's B shots are simple, easy and I feel great afterwards. It is the best natural energy boost ever.
John Nelson (First Assistant Director in Film and Television)

As a touring musician I am always stressing out my muscles and falling into the trap of bad eating habits. Sarah's knowledge of these occupational hazards is incredible and I never miss a chance to have her work on me. I just wish I could take her everywhere! She's the best!
Paulo Baldi (Drummer)

I initially came to Dr. Murphy because I was suffering for years from chronic back pain and sciatica caused by a snowboarding accident. I had been seeing a back specialist and was on a course of epidurals and meds, though nothing I tried really fixed the problem. Dr. Murphy recommended we start a course of acupuncture along with herbs and I have not felt this good in years. Dr. Murphy is such a caring and intuitive doctor, and she's also helped me with balancing my hormones and my hot flashes have disappeared. I feel lucky to have found her.
Diane Sittig (Malibu Resident and Fan)

I started seeing Dr. Sarah Murphy in the spring of 2013. I had recently moved here from NY and had been on blood pressure medication for approximately 4 years. Under Dr. Murphy’s care, I am no longer on any blood pressure medication. This had been a long-term goal of mine. And my blood pressure readings continue to be in the normal range.  I was also having emotional issues and my energy level was low. Dr. Sarah recommended a saliva test to check hormone levels. She recommended protocols that were easy to follow – herbal/nutritional supplements, flower essence formulas, and Vitamin B12 shots. All of this has helped me so much. In a short period of time my energy level is better and I am feeling more balanced.  Dr. Sarah has been wonderful! I like her approach to finding solutions to my health issues. Her office is warm and inviting, and I have been recommending her to friends.
Robert Kane (Santa Monica Resident)

When I recently found myself in the Allergen mecca of Dallas for a month-long gig, I was plagued instantly with the worst, most productivity halting, machine-gun-sneezing, eye-rubbing, sinus seizing allergies of my entire life. I tried many over-the-counter options including combining multiple formats of drops, sprays, and pills. When I called Dr. Sarah I was completely miserable. She gave me a short list and sent me to the health food store. Within a few hours of her prescribed combination of natural products I felt like myself again.
Mark Roemer (Artist Manager)

I strongly recommend Sarah for her work as a masseuse. She knows how to pinpoint all the specific areas where one has problems and treat them with the utmost professional and caring way. Hers are deep, healing massages. I felt an incredible relief after her sessions.
Gila Goldstein (Concert Pianist)

For most of my adult life I have had neck and spinal injuries, long bouts of muscle cramps and other skeletal and neurological problems requiring a drug free holistic therapy and physical treatment. After receiving therapy from Dr. Sarah Murphy for 5 months I am pain free and I have never felt better. I strongly recommend Dr. Murphy's balanced approach and philosophy to fine health and a feeling of well-being.
Dale Crider (Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter)

I had been having panic attacks for about two years when I started seeing Sarah for acupuncture. They came quite suddenly and unexpected. I did have an attack and then a very slight attack in the very beginning of my treatment. But since this time, I have not had any more panic attacks. It has been quite an amazing journey for me because previously I would always be so afraid to go to bed at night as this is when they would occur. I sleep very well at night now and I am less tense and anxious and more sociable. I have also received treatment for chronic back and neck pain. My treatments for this have started easing the tension in these areas and the relief is immediate during and after treatment. Also, my mind is more alert and I think so much more clearly. I have great energy after my treatments. I am so glad I decided to have acupuncture with Sarah. It has been of great benefit to me and I will definitely continue treatments for whatever may be affecting me.
Lisa Caponiti (Writer)

Dr. Murphy has a wonderful hand. Her shots are completely painless!
Patti Palafox Produce

The best massages go beyond loosening muscle tension and relieving stress, they help bring one's body, mind and soul back to center, back to a place of balance. Sarah's massages do that for me, she has that touch, that gift.
Randy Reed Artist Manager